Cheryl McCallum appointed as Operations & Administration Manager

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27 July, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that Rev Dr Cheryl McCallum has been appointed as Operations & Administration Manager at Malvern. This position replaced the previous Office Manager role.

Cheryl comes with an extensive amount of experience in Christian ministry. She is an academic and former principal of a bible college. She has led several Christian organisations with multiple employed staff, and been Lead Pastor of a large suburban church. She is widely known and respected as a Christian leader.

She is now ready for a different kind of role and a new adventure as part of a team helping in the growth and renewal of a local congregation. She feels a strong call from God to come and join us. She has a passion to see things develop, and has extensive experience in management and operations.

She also brings additional passion and skills in preaching and teaching, which she offers as part of our membership of the congregation. Tim and Priscilla have personally known Cheryl for 20 years, and she is former colleague of Tim. She is a person of deep commitment in faith, and service to the mission of God.